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3DS (Fan Made)

3DS's body (A little choppy though)

3DS body

3DS body (more clear)


3DS at the rejoin.

3DS is a male contestant on Object Universe, and clearly the most popular member of Team Extended, being the highest ranked member, and getting the highest rank in the rejoining contest for his whole team. In the rejoin contest, he only got 59 votes, the 6th highest. This, sadly wasn't enough, as he did not rejoin the contest.

Come and GoEdit

3DS easily won the contest, coming in 1st place out of the five.

His team lost, however.

3DS is one of the few S1 contestants never to have been eliminated officially.

That Last Rip (Part 1)Edit

3DS won the prize, which was a cheat route through a mountain. He thought this was useless, but 3DS was told by Window that all the prizes had a meaning. (It turns out, though, that he never used his prize).

Deaths Edit

S1 Ep 7: Crushed by flag

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