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Cup is a male contestant on Object Universe. He was on Team Ice Cream, and seems to be one of the more favorable characters. In the third alternate ending, he's the winner. As a character, he's fairly neutral, not getting into many fights or friendships. In the rejoining contest in episode 9 he only received 58 votes overall. Unlike other contestants, Metal Window straight up told him that he didn't get enough.


  • Cup is "Object of the Month" of October 2013.
  • there is another cup in Object Madness,however the are extremely different
  • beacuse The cup from OM is a Glass of cup,while Cup from OU is a Coffe cup
  • another reason is that the Cup from OM is Female,while OU cup is male
  • there is also cup on object mayhem,but the object mayhem cup would join the season,but did not joined
  • Cup appeared as a charracter in “Inanimate Objects 3”, made by Vince Doyen.


S1 Ep 1: Fell to his death

S1 Ep 7: Crushed by a giant flag (offscreen)