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Icicle, labeled The Frozen, is a female contestant on Object Twoniverse. She also attemped to debut into Object Universe, but failed. She was able to get into Season 2, but due to the events that occured during her trying to debut, she still remained frozen in a block of ice. Icicle cannot speak due to her being frozen, so, she mumbles. She was unfrozen by Whistle in Drop the base.

Icicle's PersonalityEdit

Icicle speaks in a very raspy, monotone voice as if she is freezing cold. Not much is known about her, because she is frozen at the start of season 2. However, she is usually neutral or at least somewhat positive about things, such as thinking her team could win in Inanimate Overload. But in Augh, this again?, she is also shown to have a defiant or disobedient side when she organized the rebellion against Window for her and the contestants to escape the island.


  • Icicle is the only female to speak in episode 5.
  • She is also the first and only female to die unless anymore deaths occur.
  • Said in To Catch A Kite, during the challenge, Icicle says she feels "so unwanted sometimes" and wonders "why it took so long for her [my] team to unfreeze her [me]"
  • In the first season finale, it is revealed that she was stuck in the ocean and she couldn't be removed from her frozen state.
  • This was true until Whistle unfrozen her.
  • Icicle's body was left in episode four during the challenge, but on the episode five thumbnail and part of episode five itself, her body was right. She may have the ability to flip her body to either side.
  • She appears in BFTROR 4 as a Recommended Character, but not recommended by Samuel Thornbury


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