Winners: Team 8

Safe: Team Newbies

Losers: Team Recommended

1st Eliminated: Rocket Reason: He Was Mean To Team Newbies. (It's Team Newbies Members That Say That Because Rocket Must Stole Their Flag For Win)

1st Debuter: Chatterbox Team: Team Recommended

Winners: Team Newbies

Safe: Team 8

Losers: Team Recommended

2nd Eliminated: Chatterbox Reason: Chatterbox Is Eliminated For Being Annoying.

1st Eliminated Unfairly: Asthma Inhaler Reason: Asthma Inhaler Was Mean To Window.

Predictions Start Here.

Winners: Team Recommended

Safe: Team Newbies

Losers: Team 8

3rd Eliminated: Mii U Reason: Mii U Became A Big Bully!!!!!!!!!

Winners: Team 8

Safe: Team Newbies

Losers: Team Recommended

4th Eliminated: Butter Reason: Butter Became Very Crazy and Clusmy!

2nd Debuter: Map Team: Team 8

3rd Debuter: Gun From Object Mayhem Team: Team Newbies

Winners: Team Recommended

Safe: Team 8

Losers: Team Newbies

5th Eliminated: Gun Reason: Gun Is More Evil In Object Twoniverse Than In Object Mayhem!!!!!!!!

2nd Eliminated Unfairly: Kite Reason: Window Became Her Archenemy He Hate Her Too Much!!!!! So He Eliminate Her Unfairly!!!!!

Winners: Team Recommended

Safe: Team 8

Loses: Team Newbies

6th Eliminated: Mario & Luigi Hats Reason: Mario Hat and Luigi Hat Became Archenemies And Battle Each Times.

Winners: Team Newbies

Safe: Team Recommended

Losers: Team 8

7th Eliminated: Propeller Hat Reason: Propeller Hat Is Mean Sometimes.

Winners: Team Recommended

Safe: Team Newbies

Losers: Team 8

8th Eliminated: Map Reason: Map Say Good Plans To Win So Others Teams Vote Him Out.

1st Returner: Rocket Reason: Team Recommended Sayed To Team Newbies That They're Sorry That Rocket Take Their Flage That He Musted Do Tha So They Voted Him To Return.Rocket's New Team: Team Newbies


Up For Elimination: Tetris Block, Atlas, Whistle

9th Eliminated: Whistle Reason: Whistle Is Eliminated For Being a Jerk.


Up For Elimination: Badge, Rubik's Cube, Atlas and Tetris Block

10th Eliminated: Tetris Block Reason: Everyone Think That Playing Tetris In a Competition That's Really Annoying So Tetris Block Is Voted Out By The Contestants Who Wins Immunity.


Up For Elimination: Globe, USB and Icicle

11th Eliminated: Icicle Reason: Icicle's Icy Voice Became Scary.


Up For Elimination: Everyone (Except Atlas)

12th Eliminated: Rubik's Cube Reason: Rubik's Cube Is Eliminated For Being Bossy.


Up For Elimination: USB and Atlas

13th Eliminated: USB Reason: That's Hard To Choose! Atlas and USB Are Good Contestants But The Others Voted For USB Because They Think That USB Is More Annoying Than Atlas.


Immunity: Badge

14th Eliminated: Rocket (Again) Reason: Rocket Gets Re-Eliminated.


15th Eliminated: Globe Reason: Globe Was The Meanest of The 3 Finalists So Eliminated Contestants Voted For Him.


Runner-Up: Badge

Winner: Atlas


1st Atlas

2nd Badge

3rd Globe

4th Rocket

5th USB

6th Rubik's Cube

7th Icicle

8th Tetris Block

9th Whistle

10th Map

11th Propeller Hat

12th Mario & Luigi Hats

13th Kite

14th Gun

15th Butter

16th Mii U

17th Asthma Inhaler

18th Chatterbox